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Hi Friend! How is your new year treating your so far? How is good ol’ 2014 feeling in your shoes? I’m feeling pretty peppy these days, mostly due to the fact that over here in Southern California we’re still being spoiled with 80 degree days! It’s kinda hard to make a fuss when the sunshine keeps reminding me to smile:) But then again, there’s always something to smile about if we just remember to look for it. It’s even better when you hang with people who keep you accountable to finding your silver linings. I met up with some friends recently and we did just that.

A group of girlfriends and I got together specifically to talk about what people, places, and things help us to find joy and balance in our day to day.  (We’ve actually made a habit of meeting weekly for 1 hour to talk solely about our gratitudes and break-throughs.  No negativity allowed, just an hour of holding space for positive intentions and joy in the most supportive and affirming energy we can muster!  It’s pretty heavenly, I gotta admit!)  So recently we asked each other the question, “Where do you find your Inspiration?”.  How delicious is that?!?  As you can imagine we all had tons of great insights to share.  In the interest of time I shared a couple of my favorite nuggets with a promise that I would email them a list of the rest.  After I hit send I got to thinking, ‘I know a lot of other SoulShiners who would dig this list!’….and of course I’m talkin’ about YOU!

So here’s my current list of soul yummers for your reviewing and chewing pleasure. I’ve broken it down into two parts: Ladies Who Inspire Me to Sparkle & Honoring the God-Pod. Get yourself a cuppa and enjoy whatever resonates with you.



Ladies Who Inspire Me to Sparkle

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]   Kris Carr – http://kriscarr.com/  Miss Kris is one of my favorite wellness heroes.  She has incurable cancer and has been living and thriving with it for the past 10 years. Her business and practice are all about educating us on how to be healthy and happy in our bodies from the inside out. Her two books Crazy, Sexy, Diet and Crazy, Sexy, Kitchen are faves of mine:)

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Danielle LaPorte – http://www.daniellelaporte.com/ This is one fierce, badass, spiritual, warrior Goddess. Her work asks us to think about goal setting from a different perspective; turning the entire process on its head. Instead of outlining action steps and outcomes that we want to accomplish in our lives we focus instead on HOW WE WANT TO FEEL. She teaches how to value and identify your Core Desired Feelings and live from a place of allowing those feelings to be what guide your actions, decisions, etc. Mmmmmm!!! Deliciousness!!! My two faves by her are The Fire Starter Sessions and The Desire Map.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Marie Forleo – http://www.marieforleo.com/ I love this woman! For those of us savvy, intelligent business entrepreneurs Marie’s site is chock-full of helpful and applicable business strategies that help you craft “a business and life you love”. Last year I enrolled and completed her online business program, B-School, and learned so much about what I wanted out of my business, how to get myself started, and how to establish an online presence. All that and membership into an amazing community of like-minded business gals.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Abraham-Hicks – http://www.abraham-hicks.com/lawofattractionsource/index.php A lot of my gal pals were already aware of the teachings of Abraham, but for anyone new to the teaching you can find their work at this site. They also have a few snippets of meditations and workshops if you search them under YouTube. At their website you can learn more about their life-affirming philosophy and sign up for daily inspirational messages too.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Brene Brown – http://brenebrown.com/ Brene’s vast research on the culture and significance of shame and vulnerability in our lives is total mind-candy. She is smart, modern,  and refreshingly authentic. I’m currently addicted to her latest book, Daring Greatly. You can also watch her in some of her most viewed and highly referenced Ted talks here http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html and here http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame.html.



Honoring the God-Pod

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Yoga – I’ve been a yoga-junky from the first time my feet hit the mat 8 years ago. It was the first time my body felt truly competent in a physical arena. Oh yeah, and then my soul-exploded and I started to learn how to meditate, de-stress, and love my life on a deeper level….yeah, yoga’s pretty cool. If you live in coastal California or New York you may be fortunate enough to live near a YogaWorks. They have been my home studio for the past 8 years and I even received my teacher training through them. If you don’t live near one check out the local yoga community in your area. Another great arena for accessible yoga on-your-time/for-your-schedule/tailored-to-you is YogaGlo . They are an online yoga video community that offer unlimited classes for $15 per month streamed from your computer to your living room. Ya gotta love technology!

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Massage – I can count on one hand the number of massages I’ve had in my life. Recently I decided that it was high-time to  incorporate regular massages into my self-care practice. I’m sure that there are many amazing therapists in your area or that a friend or colleague can happily refer you to. Recently, I popped into the Massage Envy by my house for an emergency session and became hooked to the gal who attended to me. I’m currently scheduling myself for once a month sessions with the intention to increase my practice to twice a month.  Treat yourself right, Beauty!

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Juicing – A couple of years ago I entered the land of juicing (thank you Kris Carr!). I’ve really enjoyed making vegetable smoothies/juices at home and designing and researching new recipes. A couple of weeks ago at a yoga workshop I discovered a new addition: Nektar Juice Bar. It’s essentially fast-food veggie juice and it had me at hello! I’ve tried three of their signature juices and all of their to-go options and they are dee-lish:)))) They’re located in various parts of Cali, Dallas, TX, and Scottsdale, AZ. Get your juice on!

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″]    Essential Oils –  For the last few years I’ve been drawn to learning more about the healing and medicinal power of essential oils. My dear friend, Michaela, began to school me in their subtleties and properties and my interest became more peaked when gifted me with my own personalized blend. Early this year my sister became a sales rep for Doterra Essential Oils and I’ve started to try them out for myself. I’m still learning and playing a lot with their science, but I’m amazed by the oils’ holistic and natural healing benefits:)

So what didja think? Did any of these nuggets speak to you, friend? What are some of your faves for nourishing and treating yourself right these days? As always, please, please, please share your own tricks and tips for finding soul inspiration in the comments below!

Sending oodles of lovely sparkles your way!


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