I Swear I Didn’t Fall Off the Face of the Earth; I Was Making Babies

I really have no idea where to begin, so here it goes. This past year of life has been one of the hardest seasons I’ve had to endure in a very long time. It’s particularly noteworthy because I’ve definitely endured my fair share of intense and traumatic life experiences within the last decade. Between the long-distance trans-Atlantic love affair to debilitating lung disease to assimilating to life and work in a new country while learning a new language, to moving back home and opening our own restaurant and making small humans this past decade has been super full of major transitions. And yet this past year has felt, in many ways, way rougher and a million times more humbling than any of those previous experiences.

Last year, Iggy made his entrance into our lives in a fanfare of chaos. At the time, I was too dazed and shocked to even process what a big deal it all was. It wasn’t until months later that I could finally start to understand why my closest friends and family had feared for my life and felt genuinely scared for me. Since his birth, I’ve remained true to my constant soul searching and personal growth addiction and really asked the difficult and humbling questions about myself that only I know the honest answers to. I feel as if  I’ve been born again too, into a completely new version of myself.

Getting acquainted with my newest incarnation is a vulnerability-inducing journey and yet I also feel that moving forward  I’m primed to know myself more clearly than ever. I’ve never felt more “called” to action than I do now. For a of couple years now, I’ve heard this internal call to write, but had no real idea what to write or where to start. Something in me kept asking me to get my ideas out, but I struggled with the whole concept of “what do I have to say?” and “who really cares?” Recently, I’ve heard the call much louder and I know that sharing my story is not only the personal therapy that I need, but will also probably be helpful for someone who can relate to any of my feelings and experiences.

I truly believe that we’re all in this life together constantly learning from one another and mirroring lessons for each other. I feel ridiculously grateful to have cultivated an amazing tribe of women in my life who continually love me in all the ways that I ask and need to be supported. In service to all of you who have entered my life and shared your strength and support when I’ve most needed it, I’m stretching myself now to share my story and pass on your torch of Light and Love.

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