“The root of joy is gratefulness.”  ~David Steindl-Rast

Hear what people are saying about Parent Coaching with Vanessa:

“The parent coaching work  I did with Vanessa was so helpful, informative, and will influence me, my kids, and husband for decades to come. I truly think about so many aspects of our classes on a daily basis. I feel happy and comfortable in my own skin as a mama, and feel so much gratitude every single day. The coaching work that Vanessa does is amazing, and she is so good at it!

 Virginia Wolf, Medford, OR


Hear what people are saying about Parent Classes & Workshops with Vanessa:

“I am very grateful to have been a part of an empowering parenting class led by Vanessa! I have three sons, ages 16, 12 and 10; and adolescence is a challenging time that tests a parent’s strength, patience and love. Taking class with Vanessa has given me new skills that have helped me and my children navigate this part of our journey; from a place of love and understanding, and most importantly, empathy, for myself and for my sons. Together, my children and I have been creating solutions to challenges we’ve faced, and doing so from a place of trust and fairness. By taking just an extra minute or two to observe them during an emotionally heightened time, I now have a way to connect wholeheartedly and guide them in expressing themselves in a healthy space. Vanessa exudes so much love and genuine passion for inspiring people to be the best versions of themselves. This opportunity has renewed my strength of spirit and was an absolute blessing to be a part of.”

Nicole Newton, Orange, CA


Hear what people are saying about individual coaching experiences with Vanessa:

“Vanessa saw possibility and divine timing where I was feeling stuck and confused. She’s able to zoom out and see the bigger picture of any situation. She has helped me feel more trusting of life’s ebbs and flows, but also inspired me to take action and get out of inertia. Vanessa is a woman of grounded optimism and follow-through. Since starting coaching with Vanessa, I feel more grounded and able to navigate life. She is such a loving, non-judgmental presence that it is natural to share anything and everything I may be working through. Vanessa is passionate and gifted at coaching- it is clearly the work she was put on the planet for.”

                                                               Melissa Swigert, Newport Beach, CA


“I came to coaching with the emptiness of a twenty-something young woman lacking direction, self-love, & confidence. Vanessa, with her warmth, patience, and ability to gently push with all kinds of encouragement, showed me the power and resources I have to fill my own emptiness myself. Vanessa is a kindred spirit, a loving, comforting soul- the kind of woman and friend we all want to keep close in our lives. I leave sessions with her feeling more empowered and inspired each time, and never too overwhelmed that my path towards self-love seems too daunting. There was a time in my life when I felt too depressed, anxious, self-hating, and embarrassed by these feelings to even try. It does take courage to find a coach, but the impact Vanessa’s coaching has had on my life has been the most profound and meaningful experience of this time in my life. Thanks to Vanessa, I know that my personal goals are attainable, and that everything I need to reach them already exists within me. ”

Jenny Baran, Los Angeles, CA