Stop Should’ing All Over Yourself!

Admittedly the to-do list is never-ending, there are always more emails, messages and phone calls to respond to, and our personal responsibilities run wild and deep. It is so easy to get swept away by all that sh*t…I mean ‘should’. Chances are you’re a responsible, get-to-it, attend-to-the-things-that-matter kind of person. You probably pride yourself to some degree on getting things done or checking things off of that to-do list. You’re amazing and sometimes super-human. But, sometimes that sense of accomplishment can become addicting, feel unattainable, and just down right overwhelming.

So lighten up, buttercup…take a breath and give yourself permission to move from ‘should’ to ‘could’.

I’m not advocating a complete redirection towards full-blown reckless abandon, but I do think we can all start being a whole lot easier on ourselves. Think of some of the most pressing tasks you feel that you should be accomplishing in the next week. Got em? Here’s the hard part: be willing to let go of the feeling that you ‘should’ attend to them. This can be a pretty radical concept at first. “You mean you want me to tell myself that I shouldn’t make my priorities, priorities?” Sort of. I’m not saying don’t prioritize. That drive and get-to-it-ness is one of your best assets. But would you be willing to shift the way you think about your priorities? Could you invite in the possibility of making things easier for yourself? Could these tasks be more enjoyable? Could they be fun, even?

Try this on for size: Today I am willing to let myself take care of the things that matter most to me by only doing necessary tasks because I want to, not because I have to.

Now as you go throughout your day watch your attitude towards your ‘to-do’s’. Are you stressing and pressuring yourself to accomplish them for the sake of what others will think if you don’t or because your auto-pilot has told you that you should? Be gentle with yourself. If you find yourself stressing the action allow yourself to come back to it just a bit later when you can address it with a slightly lighter attitude and sense of desire. Be willing to change the way you think of your sh*t and you’ll slowly start to take the ‘shoulds’ right out of the picture.

Love to you, Lovely <3



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