Taking the Leap….Into all Things Wonderful and Fabulous!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the eminent, new phase in my life; moving back to California after three years in Switzerland. I’m feeling so much emotion on so many levels, but the thing I’m consumed with most is the feeling of wanting to truly embrace my new life as never before.

I’m constantly asking my yoga students, “How much of your own life are you willing to let in?” Of course I understand that on a deeper level everything I teach is in essence the exact lesson that I need to learn as well. So lately I’ve been asking myself, “How much of my own life am I willing to let in?” And for the first time I’m not scared to honestly answer: “As much as I possibly can!”

Dating long-distance, healing from Tuberculosis, and moving and living abroad as a newlywed have taught me soooo much about how who I am, what I’m made of, and what I want out of my life. Though ridiculously difficult and cry-my-eyes-out crazy at times all of these experiences have truly been a gift and introduced me to my courageous spirit. I’ve courted, cowered, and triumphed over so many fears and realized that “Guess what? I’m still here. And better for the wear”. And the coolest part about it is that I feel amazingly empowered.

There is a lot of unknown coming up for me in this next move. A whole lot of uncertainty. (But realistically when isn’t there?) And yet, I’m feeling strong and confident. I’m changing careers….and I know I will completely find my new niche and teaching audience and be fulfilled and satisfied by my work. I’m looking for a new home….and I can feel the next, best nest already making itself ready for me. I’m re-entering my old world… and preparing to experience it in all it’s newness.

In the spirit of embracing change through courage here’re some reminders for all of us when we start to feel the buzz-kill of living within the realms of ‘reality’:

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″] [/glyph_icon]Self-limiting thoughts are exactly that: Self. Limiting.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″] [/glyph_icon]Only you can give yourself permission to live the life you dream.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″] [/glyph_icon]When in doubt of your own potential for courageous living think back to moments when you lived in a space of small personal bravery. Ever survived a difficult conversation? A trip to the dentist? Being nice when you’d rather be nasty? That is courage in action. Every victory counts.

[glyph_icon type=”general” icon=”heart” style=”color:#CB4686″] [/glyph_icon]My success and happiness are only important to me. Stop trying to do good by others.

Sending courage, heart, and light to all of us to infuse our daily practice of loving, learning, and living….

Love you, Lovely!



photo credit: Moeko Munaretto via photopin cc

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