Why New Year’s Resolutions Ain’t for Me

So here’s the thing; I’m not normally one of those people who gets super sentimental and gung-ho about New’s Years resolutions, commitments, and fresh starts. I totally admire the gumption and personal resolve of people who take advantage of the year’s newness to make better on different aspects of their lives, but it’s just never quite been my thing. Mostly this is because (ok, now don’t get annoyed, this next bit is admittedly uber Pollyanna) I see each morning as a new opportunity to start fresh and resolve to be stronger where I know I can.

Before I open my eyes each day and step my feet on the ground I say a huge thank you to the Powers that Be for the awesome opportunity to take on another day. Next, I give myself a ten second pep talk where I urge myself to be fabulous as I can for as long as I can. Then I let my eyes open.

New day. New opportunity for thanks. New commitment to myself. Every. Damn. Day.

This is definitely a practice that’s taken time to develop and repeat consistently, but I can honestly say that it’s really not that hard to do and the results are pretty amazing. Starting my day in a few moments of thanksgiving and thoughtful self-love make a huge difference in the quality of my next 24 hours. This is totally not to say that I remain thankful, confident, and successful the entire day, I’m totally human of course (!), but now on the rare mornings that I don’t start with this self-care ritual I do notice a difference (read: more prone to be cranky, impatient with myself and others, and even physically sluggish).

Over the years I’ve had a myriad of rituals and ways to start the day. For awhile it was oatmeal with blueberries every morning and then later green juice on weekdays. There was the don’t-leave-the-house-before-you’ve-meditated-for-15-minutes stage and the tidy-the-entire-apartment-so-you feel-good-when-you-come-home phase. The practice has changed over time, but now regardless of anything my morning routine religiously starts with a few moments of silent thanks and personal coaching.

So tell me, beaut, how do you inspire yourself to start your day? Do you have any conscious daily practices, mantras, or routines that you use to get yourself juiced and ready for the day? In the spirit of motivating and inspiring one another please feel free to comment below! Can you imagine how amazingly rad our mornings would be if we all had an arsenal of feel good tips to choose from? 😉

As always, I’m sending so much love and appreciation to you, Sweetness. Today is Your Day. Your are soooo Worth it.

In deep love,



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7 comments on “Why New Year’s Resolutions Ain’t for Me

  1. Christy! on

    That morning time is ridiculously important to me, too! I usually allow myself 10-20 minutes to just let my good tunes playlist play, while keeping my eyes shut, breathing, and saying a prayer of gratitude. The days where I just jolt out of bed are definitely off to a different start… music is my go to! 🙂

    • Vanessa Wenninger on

      Yes, Christy! The mornings are such sacred power times, right? I love your juicy morning routine. My latest morning mix is the new India Arie album, Songversations….you will love it! Check it out:)

  2. Missy on

    Hello, Lovely! Every single Monday, I wake up in a ragey mood, hating life until I drag my bedraggled self into the shower and realize two minutes into my steam-filled sanctuary that, hey, maybe things aren’t so bad. And then the day just gets better. Remember how we used to talk about the value of the cathartic cry? Maybe that quick shower is my weekly equivalent.

    • Vanessa Wenninger on

      Totally, Miss! Catharsis is totally underrated. I say get it whenever and wherever possible (barring irrational violent outbursts that is!). On the same note as a good cry and steamy shower I would rank screaming into a pillow and sobbing (deeply) into an oversized bath towel. Or a bag of Doritos every now and again;))))


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